Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Campo Felice with Joy and Fun

Lovely saturday with kids and friends. A convoy trip to Campo Felice with a lot of unexpected things. Guided by Mr. Azman as the leader in this trip, 1 and half hour journey full of beautiful scenaries along the way.

High mountain from the highway

stop a while, to feel the freeze snow

it's so difficult to walk on ice....

 ice tester without syrup
tide a knot
me, really enjoy the moment sliding from slope!!!! 3 times sliding with Iman. she's so brave, with small sigh,weeeeeeeeee...... then asking to have more!!!!!!
 new version of snowman. Courtesy to K.laila, K.wah, K.lina and the kids. You still make me laugh, on your first sculpture.... sssshhhhhh!!!!!

Hopefully, we can get the same fun and laugh, next winter and to be here again.  Fortunately, Campo Felice is not too far from Cassia, we could have it weekly. 

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